Friday, August 29, 2008

When finally..

සිඳී යයිද සඳේ රශ්මි කළුවරෙක ගිලී
මකා මෙතෙක් පිරී තිබූ සොඳුරු රූ දසුන්
රැයට අඳුර හාද වූ සෙයක් දැනේ මටත්
ගියොත් නිවී හැඟුම් ඔබේ සිතින් මා බැඳී

God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one.
So when we finally meet the right people,
We should know how to be grateful to them.
-author not known


fossurgeon said...

Sometimes it is not about meeting wrong people at all. It is the wrong attitude. First we like partners who please us. This is selfishness and not love. It will not last.

Then we learn to appreciate how they give and receive our love, and they ours....

Constantin Demiris said...

Agree with fossurgeon. There is no such thing as wrong people or good people. Its all in the attitude and understanding. And true love doesn't expedite marriage or other 'partnerships' without a firm basis of life. Expediting marriage over life is not love, its lust.

Zanhar Jabir said...

Ela elaa..